About us and how we work

Jardinico Cushions is since 2004 a well known supplier in the business of outdoor cushions in Belgium and Europe. We have a divergent knowledge, which we are glad to share with you. We like to think ahead and help our customers produce a cushion with great design and of perfect quality. Our clientele consists of the biggest producers of outdoor furniture in Europe. Feel free to contact our company for any information.

To provide our customers a great service, we have a strong corporation with three production units in Poland. Our Polish colleagues have an excellent expertise and treat our cushions with the greatest care. This way, we can ensure our customers to finish also bigger projects on time.

To produce our cushions, we only use the best materials. Our biggest fabric suppliers are Sunbrella, Nele en Delbeke, Limonta, Serge Ferrari, Deletex … These producers are specialized in outdoor fabrics who are water resistant and have a lot of sun hours. They also have a big range of colours and patterns, so everyone can find his own particular taste. To find the perfect foam, we corporate with one of the best suppliers of the country. Foams can be created completely regarding the demands of the customer. They can be completely waterproof or fire resistant, very soft or very firm, or a combination of those two.

We are also specialized in the upholstery of furniture. We renew chairs, sofa’s, benches, … Our craftsmen treat your furniture with the greatest care and give them a new life in the fabrics chosen by the customer.